Letter to Parents

Dear Parent,

I believe a student can never have too many people who support them and want to see them succeed. As your student’s life coach, I can help them navigate the challenges of college.

Life coaching is not advice-giving or therapy. I help students identify their strengths and work on limiting beliefs that may be preventing them from achieving their goals.

I have worked in higher education for 15 years and have a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. I have provided academic advising, led service programs, conducted trainings, taught classes, and managed crisis. I have broad experiences working with first-generation college students, underrepresented populations, non-traditional students, veterans, sexual assault survivors, and foster youth. And I am confident that I can help your student.

I believe every student has the potential to succeed. There are some predictable and unpredictable challenges in college. For example, many freshman struggle with the transition to college and adjusting to change. They must develop new time management and study skills, make new friends, choose their major, find healthy and safe social activities, and make difficult decisions. As juniors and seniors, they must navigate internships, career choices, graduate school applications, and life beyond college.  I will partner with your student to help them identify action steps and develop strategies for achieving their full potential.

I look forward to working together towards your student’s success!

If you are interested in pursuing life coaching for your student, please contact me.

Joy Pedersen, Ph.D.