Here’s what people have to say…

I just want to thank you again for listening to me last week. It really has helped me since both academically and personally. I haven’t had a low day since we talked. I’ve been trying really hard to organize my thoughts and question the thoughts that had me confused. I think that has actually helped me think clearer on what I want to do with my thesis as well.

 – E.C., Cal Poly

Joy approaches every situation wanting to understand how I am feeling and thinking. She uses her intellect and warmth to assist me with hearing and understanding my thoughts and feelings better. And at the end of our interaction I feel more connected to myself and cared for and nurtured.

 – B.F., California

Joy is a genuine and authentic soul who has made her life’s work about helping others.  She brings her vast experience and wisdom to every interaction and her compassion is unmatched.”

 – D.N., Oregon