Letting Go of A Wild Heart


Loving someone with a wild heart is a taste of heaven. A person with a wild heart is completely present, wants to try everything, fully loves life, and makes you feel like you’re in a dream. A wild heart takes you beyond reality. But, a wild heart cannot be tamed. It cannot be tied down, caged, tethered, or captured. It will eventually want to be free. It will chew its own arm off to feel the wind in its hair, the road beneath its feet, the sun on its back. The harder you hold it the more it will resist. And often, loving a wild heart also means losing it. But it was never yours. And while loving a wild heart is an adventure, letting go of a wild heart will transform you.

When you let go of a wild heart, you realize you were enough all along. You find the wildness in yourself. You see that attachment is the root of all suffering.

So is it possible to be in a committed relationship with a wild heart? Absolutely. But both hearts must be wild. Both partners must recognize and respect the wildness in the other. And you must be willing to let them go, because to truly love someone is to let them be wild.

And even better than loving another wild heart, is loving your own wild heart. Walk out of your own cage, take off your own chains, untie your own tethers. Sometimes you find the cage wasn’t even locked, the chain wasn’t attached to anything, the ropes were never tied. Find your own wind, walk your own road, come out into the sunlight. We are all wild!


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